FOCUS, International meeting for urologist


FOCUS, International meeting for urologist

The 4th Edition of the Annual FOCUS (Forum d’OnCo-Urologie du Sud) meeting will take place next October 13-14th in the “pink” city of Toulouse, in the French south west region, known forepicurean way-of-life, rugby culture and conviviality!

FOCUS is an international congress aiming to address onco-urology topics through the prism of the optimization of both functional and oncologic outcomes. The will to gather in a 2-day meeting, national and international experts for interactive discussions dealing with prostate, urothelial, kidney, penile and testicular cancers, attracted approximately 180 participants the last years.

The GETUG, the EAU Young Urology Office and the Young Academic Urologists boards have strongly supported this initiative since its beginning and through this article, we would like to sincerely thank all these members.

The scientific programme, prepared by a multidisciplinary team of Urologists, Oncologists and Radiation-Oncologists, I’d built to focus on peri-treatment strategies dealing with the outcome improvement in GU cancers. The programme includes scientific sessions and  industry-sponsored symposia.

Every year, FOCUS invites one country, Italy in 2021, Belgium in 2022, with the main goal to share experiences, point of views and to discuss state-of-the-arts and to promote debates between experts.

In this direction, one European Corner, involving guests speakers, leads to interactive debates about the management genito-urinary cancers.

Emminent presidents have already participated in the previous editions;  Pr Michel Soulié( France), Pr Arnaud Méjean( France) then Pr Laurence Albigès (France) and Pr Alberto Briganti (Italy).

For this 4th edition, we are presenting an ambitious programme, under the presidence of Pr Piet Ost ( Belgium) and Gwenaelle Gravis (France).

We hope to see you in Toulouse next October.