FOCUS, International meeting for urologist


FOCUS, International meeting for urologist

The 1st Edition of the Annual FOCUS (Forum d’OnCo-Urologie du Sud) meeting took placelast October 11-12 in the “pink” city of Toulouse, in the French south west region, known forepicurean way-of-life, rugby culture and conviviality! FOCUS is a national congress aiming toaddress onco-urology topics through the prism of the optimization of both functional andoncologic outcomes. The will to gather in a 2-day meeting, national and international expertsfor interactive discussions dealing with prostate, urothelial, kidney, penis and testis cancers,attracted approximately 150 participants for this first Edition.

The EAU Young Urology Office and the Young Academic Urologists boards have stronglysupported this initiative and through this article, we would like to sincerely thank all thesemembers including of course Prof Selcuk Silay, our EAU-YAU chairman. We have shared theorganization with Dr Jean-Baptiste Beauval and Dr Mathieu Roumiguié, uro-oncologists atthe Toulouse University Hospital.

FOCUS was also supported by national scientific societies involved in uro-oncology, includingthe French Association of Urology (AFU) and its Cancerology Committee (CC-AFU), and theGroupe d’Etude des Tumeurs Uro-genitales (GETUG), and the scientific committee involvedboth regional experts and CC-AFU Chairmen (Prof Méjean, Prof Rouprêt, Dr Rozet, ProfBensalah, Dr Murez).

The scientific programme, prepared by a multidisciplinary team of Urologists, Oncologistsand Radiation-Oncologists, was built to focus on peri-treatment strategies dealing with theoutcomes improvement in prostate, testis, and kidney or bladder cancers. The programmeincluded six scientific sessions and 2 industry-sponsored symposia.

Professor Michel Soulié, Head Department in the Toulouse University Hospital, hassupported this ambitious event since the beginning of the adventure, and chaired this firstEdition. His emotional introduction set the tone for a friendly meeting.

For example, one prostate cancer session focused on the sexual function preservation withoutstanding talks by Dr. Thomas Bessede on the surgical anatomy of neurovascular bundles,by Dr. Richard Gaston on the maximal peri-prostatic preservation during robot-assistedradical prostatectomy, and by Prof. Olivier Chapet on optimized radiotherapy doses toimprove erectile function preservation.

One European Corner, involving several YAU members, led to interactive debates about themanagement of oligo-metastatic patients in kidney (Dr. U. Capitanio, Milan) and prostatecancers (Dr. P. Ost, Ghent).

EAU-YAU team during the social event at the “Hotel-Dieu”, an ancient hospital in Toulousecity Center (Drs Ouzaid, Sargos, Xylinas, Capitanio, Mathieu, Ost, Ploussard).On Friday morning, a Joint Session including key opinion leaders from GETUG, AFU and EAU-YAU has been animated by Dr Guilhem Roubaud, Medical Oncologist from Bordeaux, France,and Idir Ouzaid (YAU kidney cancer Working Party), Urologist from Paris, to discuss thekidney and prostate cancer management in 2018 (discussion of CARMENA and HORRADtrials), the recent changes in guidelines, and the potential disparities among countries andhealth care systems.

Among the distinguished guest speakers was Prof. Fred Saad, Head of the Department ofUrology in the CHUM, Montreal. He delivered a brilliant lecture on the management ofhormono-sensitive and castration-resistant metastatic prostate cancers in the light of recentdata from phase III randomized trials recently presented in international meetings.

Numerous uncertainties and future hopes emerged from this data in perpetual motion.Prof. Nicolas Mottet, chairman of the EAU Prostate Cancer Guidelines, got on a podium togive a lecture on the “Integration of MRI in the management of prostate cancer”, with aspecial consideration to the recent PRECISION study. His critical analysis was a step forwardthe implantation of these recent data in the new updated guidelines. Indeed, at the end ofhis talk, he revealed, for the first time ever, the integration of MRI before first biopsies as anew EAU recommendation.

Save the date for the second edition of the FOCUS meeting scheduled in October 17-182019, under the presidency of Prof. Arnaud Mejean, Chairman of the French CancerologyCommittee and principal investigator as well as first author of the CARMENA article.